Spalding Academy Aerial View


Spalding Academy’s curriculum goes above and beyond the Nebraska standards and the Common Core Standards.  Students are required to have at least:

3 years of Science – Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Environmental Science

3 years of Math – Algebra I, II, Geometry, trigonometry, pre-Calculus, Calculus, Pre-Algebra, Applied Geometry, Business Math

4 years History – geography, American History, Government, World History, Modern Problems, Economics, Psychology

4 years of English- English I,II,III,IV, Writing Composition, Speech

Foreign Language

1 year of Business – Intro to Business, Business Marketing, Accounting

1 year of Chorus- Chorus with Musical, Contests, and Public Performances

College Credits Available to those who qualify.

Physical Education

Art – Art I,II,III,IV

Theology I,II,III,IV