Spalding Academy Aerial View


Spalding Academy Volunteer Efforts is a major component of Spalding Academy Catholic School.  This group organizes and hosts various fundraising opportunities for the school contributing over $20,000 annually to the budget.

The S.A.V.E. organization is composed of "teams" with a yearly rotating captains.

Events S.A.V.E. has held:  dinners, catering jobs, summer ball stands, auction concessions and more.


S.A.V.E. 2017-2018 TEAMS 


Pete Leslie  & Courtney Leslie - captain

Rick and Nancy Esch

Jeff and Sandi Weltruski

Colin and Monica Carraher

Randy and Lori Carraher

Ed and Wendy Carlin

Lee and Tammy Diessner

Matt and Linda Glaser

Lisa Peterson

Kent Adelung

Team 2

Denny and Linda Bauer - captain

Bernardo Gavidia and Kenya

Vic and Trish Glaser

Tony and Aprill Murphy

Rob and Ellie Ita

Kevin and Sandra Tenski

Jackie Leslie

Marie Walz

Klayton Standley

Dan Mailander

Russel Gade

Cindy Mock

Team 3

Jerry and Tami Keber - captain

Paul Leslie

Tony and Karen Glaser

Troy Kleffner

Levi Walz

Jessie Murphy

Brian and Heidi McManaman

Greg and Sharyn Dozler 

Steve and Nancy Carraher

Joan McManaman

Dean Sullivan 

Maureen Thome


Team 4

Joe and Annette Carraher - captain

Mark and Julie Bloom

Jacqueline Augustine and Levi Connelly

Mitch and Kim Lauria

Tommy and Anita Murphy

Josh Leslie

Owen and Amanda Seamann

Ed and Stacey Bauer 

Josh Leslie 

LouAnn Dawson 

Matt Hudnall

Amy McKay

Team 5

Mike and Sara Mahony - captain

Jose Rivera and Maria

Ron and Cindy Glaser

Jeff and Laura Hall

Tim and Y'Vonne Esch

 Liz Kleffner

Ashley Kaiser

Mary Jane Noble 

Adam and Sandy Miller

Rob and Maggie Smith

Sammi Meysenburg

Mary Jane Noble

Ann Bernt